Volunteer Opportunities

Running a nonprofit organization is hard. We are always looking for volunteers to improve our community. We depend on our volunteers for helping us run our events and our day to day functions smoothly. All volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be at least 13 years of age and have provided transportation. If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event please fill out the onine Volunteer Release Form.

General Volunteer

Help us where you can. We will assign you a position in one of our committees based on what is needed for the event.

Online Volunteer Release Form

If you are wanting to volunteer in a more specialized area here are some positions that we are looking for at the moment. If you think we are missing something that you can contribute to please feel free to contact us!

Hmong Translator

The Hmong translator is responsible for translating written or spoken content accurately from Hmong to English and vice versa. They must be fluent in both languages, possess strong communication skills, attention to detail, and cultural awareness. They collaborate with others to ensure quality and accuracy, work within deadlines, and maintain confidentiality.

Frontend Developer

The frontend developer is responsible in all aspect of maintaining HSP's website and updating its contents as needed. The frontend developer will work with a small team to ensure HSP's website is running and functioning properly. In addition, write code to connect to other services and automate tedious processes. Technology: AstroJS, Netlify, Tailwind CSS and Sanity CMS

Grant Writer

The grant writer will be responsible for researching funding opportunities and developing grant proposals that align with our organization's mission and programs. The grant writer will work closely with our program directors and staff to understand our organization's needs and goals and develop proposals that effectively communicate our impact to potential funders.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is responsible for working with the team to create attractive physical and digital marketing and advertisement material. The product of the graphic designer will be displayed on our website, social media, and physical locations.

Content Creator

The content creator is responsible for taking photographs of HSP events and working with the team to create digital media for HSP's youtube channel, website and,or marketing material. This includes but not limited to researching and producing quality photographs/videos of Hmong history, culture, books and events.