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Everyone is welcome to participate in the event. Bring your families and friends to join our festival celebration. If you are interested in playing any sport, please fill out the online form or download the registration form by clicking the Download Registration Form below. Uniforms and proper sports equipment are required for all sporting activities.


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Hmong soccer is a spirited and unifying sport within the Hmong community, fostering connections and celebrating cultural identity. With its rich history of community tournaments, the sport highlights the resilience and unity of the Hmong people, serving as a vibrant expression of cultural pride.

Flag Football

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Flag football has become a lively and inclusive activity within the Hmong community, bringing individuals together for spirited competition and shared enjoyment. This fast-paced sport not only encourages physical activity but also strengthens social bonds, embodying the sense of community and camaraderie among the Hmong people. Through friendly matches and tournaments, Hmong flag football stands as a dynamic expression of unity and collective enthusiasm.


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Hmong volleyball, a dynamic and communal sport, plays a significant role in uniting the Hmong community. Fueled by passion and a sense of togetherness, volleyball events provide a platform for friendly competition and social bonding. Embraced across generations, Hmong volleyball reflects the community's spirit, embodying shared values and cultural pride. With its inclusive nature and emphasis on teamwork, Hmong volleyball stands as a vibrant expression of unity and collective joy within the Hmong people.

Spinning Tops (Tuj Lub )

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Hmong spinning top, known as "tuj lub," holds a special place in the cultural pastime of the Hmong community. This traditional game involves skillfully spinning a wooden top, and its popularity endures as a cherished activity that transcends generations. Hmong individuals gather to partake in friendly competitions, showcasing their expertise in manipulating the spinning tops with precision and flair. Tuj lub not only serves as a source of entertainment but also carries cultural significance, reflecting the community's commitment to preserving and passing down traditional games. The spinning top becomes a nostalgic emblem, embodying the timeless joy and connection found in the rich tapestry of Hmong heritage.


Cornhole Tournament Form

While relatively new to the Hmong community, cornhole has swiftly gained popularity as a leisure activity that combines skill and social interaction. This bean bag tossing game provides a laid-back yet engaging experience, offering a fresh avenue for Hmong individuals to come together in a relaxed setting. As cornhole becomes a growing part of Hmong recreational culture, it signifies the community's adaptability and open embrace of new sports, fostering connections and lighthearted enjoyment.


Please refer to for official rules.

Listed below are the following events that will take place.

Friday, November 24th: Blind Draw - $10 registration
Requirement: Open to everyone

Saturday, November 25th: Doubles (BYOP) - $60 registration
Requirement: One player of Hmong descent |

Sunday, November 26th: Singles - $25 registration
Requirement: All players must be of Asian descent

If you have any questions, please contact Cornhole Event Coordinator.

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Chansey Lee

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For further info or questions, please contact Sports Board of Director.

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Kor Xiong

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