Hmong community advancement through higher education

The HSP organization strive to improve our hmong community by offering scholarships. As part of helping our community we believe that education is important for advancement in today's society. When the hmong people first came to america there were little no access to education. Most hmong people were farmers. Education is valued by Hmong parents, but as many of them are without education themselves, they are unable to help their children. It is seen as a way to improve one's personal and professional opportunities, as well as to contribute to the advancement of the community as a whole. Hmong families often place a strong emphasis on academic achievement, and view education as a key factor in success. This emphasis on education has contributed to high levels of educational attainment in the Hmong community, with many individuals going on to pursue advanced degrees and careers in a variety of fields. In addition to its practical benefits, education is also seen as a way to preserve and transmit cultural values and traditions within the community. As such, it plays a vital role in the ongoing vitality and success of the Hmong community.


Congratulations Noelle Khang! Noelle is HSP’s Scholarship Recipient for this year 2022. We are very proud of you! We look forward to seeing you in the community and hope that what you are studying will inspire other young Hmong boys and girls to follow your footsteps in the future in the field of music and arts. Good luck to you as you pursue your education and music at Appalachian State.


Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!! THANK YOU so much to the following scholarship sponsors for making this happened. We could not have achieve this round of scholarship to promote our youth without your dedications and commitments to HSP. Your continuous support is much appreciated! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

How to apply

You can apply for an HSP scholarship by completing the scholarship application form online.

HSP's College Starter Scholarship Application