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Update on Status of Current Leadership of Hmong Southeast PauvPheej, Inc.

As we all know, there is currently a dispute regarding the election for President of this organization, which took place in December 2023. The two parties involved, Soua Lee and Mai Bee Vue, have submitted this dispute for resolution by the Catawba County District Court at its June 11, 2024 session in Newton. At that time, the presiding judge will rule on which person should be declared President to lead the organization going forward.

Between now and the June 11 court date, the parties have agreed for the current leadership, headed by Ms. Vue, to operate the organization under certain guidelines, with Mr. Lee to be provided access to specific financial records. The goal is to allow for the efficient operation of the organization during this interim period, so that planning for the organization's current
and future activities may proceed, including for the New Year celebration in November. The court's decision stemming from the June 11 hearing will dictate how the organization will be governed going forward, with all parties having agreed to abide lawfully and peacefully by the outcome of the legal process.

We ask everyone to refrain from hurtful and unnecessary comments on social media and elsewhere which are not designed to unify our community, but instead may result in dissension and ill will. The two candidates have agreed to wait patiently and respectfully for the court decision, and jointly urge all their supporters to do the same.

🌟 We want to give the biggest thank you to the United Arts Council of Catawba County, the North Carolina Arts Council, the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, and the National Endowment for the Arts for bringing our creative endeavors to life and supporting the 2023-2024 Hmong New Year Festival. The United Arts Council has awarded a grant of $10,000 in support of our Hmong New Year Festival.

We strive to improve the lives of our Hmong community in the southeastern US region.

The Hmong Southeast Puavpheej started in 1992 to serve the Hmong American community in NC, SC, GA and FL. Based off the US Census Report, together, there are more than 23,000 Hmong people among these states.


HSP is a 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit organization representing the Hmong communities throughout the southeastern, part of the United States of America, particularly, the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. HSP is a non-profit cultural organization existing to preserve the heritage and rich cultures of the Hmong people. HSP is dedicated to serving the Hmong community and addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by this ethnic minority group. The organizations focuses on areas such as education, health, cultural preservation, and economic development. We often rely on the support of volunteers and donations to carry out our mission.

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