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These amazing 17 leaders below were the original founders of Hmong Southeast Puavpheej, Inc., which is located in the Southeastern part of the United States of America. They donated $100.00 each to form this organization in the year of 1992 with great visions to preserve Hmong culture and to acquire land to celebrate Hmong New Year. Their visions started not just for the Hmong in the Southeast of the United States, but also hope that some day will lead and expand to others all over the world.View Article

Pa Cha Moua

Paj Tsab Muas

South Carolina

Pa Chong Yang

Paj Txoov Yaj

Col. Neng Vang

Col. Vaj Neeb

North Carolina

Teng Vang

Teeb Vaj

North Carolina

Ge Ze Lor

Txawj Zeb Lauj

North Carolina

Chai Chao Lor

Nchaiv Txos Lauj

Wa Keu Lor

Vam Kub Lauj

Za Teng Yang

Zam Teeb Yaj

Cher Pao Kue

Txawj Pov Kwm

Cher Xa Khang

Txawj Xab Khab

North Carolina

Pheng Vang

Tswv Tub Vaj

Cha Vang

Soob Leej Vaj

Sua Xa Lee

Ntsua Xab Lis

Xee Yang Lee

Xeem Yaj Lis

Chong Cha Moua

Txooj Tsab Muas

Chong Ge Thao

Txoov Zeb Thoj(Vam Txiab Thoj)

Youa Lor Lee

Ntsuab Lauj Lis

Brief History

The first Hmong New Year in the Southeast was held in Albemarle, North Carolina on November 27, 1993. It happened through a collaboration event of Hmong leaders of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Activities such as socializing, dancing competitions, ball tossing, singing and various sports tournaments took place.

With approximately six to seven hundred people in attendance; this would be the stepping stone for something even greater one day.

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