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Hmong Southeast PuavPheej, Inc. dedicates this page to thank all the Hmong people who loaded and unloaded these weather treated logs off the truck from South Carolina to North Carolina and put up the fence for the Hmong Culture Park. HSP also sends a special "thank you" to Va Doua Lee (Vam Nruas Lis) and his family of their kind hearts for having donated these Logs to HSP back in 2006. Without these logs, the fence may not be in standing today. Thank You All!!

Brief History

The first Hmong New Year in the Southeast was held in Albemarle, North Carolina on November 27, 1993. It happened through a collaboration event of Hmong leaders of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Activities such as socializing, dancing competitions, ball tossing, singing and various sports tournaments took place.

With approximately six to seven hundred people in attendance; this would be the stepping stone for something even greater one day.

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